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Gyorgyi Danka

Asset Engineer, Renewables

Gyorgyi is the Asset Engineer of Renewables for Palisade Integrated Management Services (PIMS) and is responsible in providing technical and engineering support to PIMS’ suite of renewable assets.

Gyorgyi has over 5 years engineering experience in the power generation sector with strong background and experience of solving complex issues within her previous positions and managing large operational budgets. Gyorgyi also has developed a strong knowledge of the National Electricity Rules and how they apply to the Generator Performance Standards through previous work as an Asset Engineer and also sound knowledge in the application of permit to work systems including setting up systems to ensure that continued compliance to the standard.

As Condensate and Feedwater Engineer at a Power Station in a previous role, Gyorgyi has gained experience in maintenance best practices of a wide variety of pumps, heat exchangers, valving and pressure vessels, being the point of contact for maintenance and contractor personnel, providing engineering expertise and technical advice about her plant. Working in a Power Station meant that safety was top priority in Gyorgyi’s role by conducting regular safety walks, job audits, and plant improvements, as well as through effective work planning and quality control.

Gyorgyi has also been able to gain experience in wind farm operations and maintenance of balance of plant systems through prior work as an Asset Engineer.