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Elias Bozoglou

Commercial Operations Manager

Elias Bozoglou is the Commercial Operations Manager for Palisade Integrated Management Services (PIMS) and is focused on providing key specialised support in the areas of energy markets, regulatory, contract management and insurance strategy and procurement.

In the energy sector, Elias oversees external providers who undertake commercial operational activities across various assets within the group and has responsibility for the trading of green and black energy.

Elias has over 15 years’ experience in a wide range of roles encompassing internal and external service delivery, operational management and various levels of business analysis.

Previous to working for PIMS, Elias was responsible for the supervision of a national 150-person field force technical team and helpdesk operation within the ICT Sector.

Elias has also spent an extensive amount of time throughout the Asia Pacific region as part of a project management office in change, transition and process management roles with large multinational IT services and hardware companies.

Elias has a Bachelor of Computer Science from RMIT University as well as a Diploma of Business and a Diploma of Management.