Ross Barry Steps Down From Palisade’s Investment Committee

November 2016

Dr Ross Barry an Independent Member of the Palisade Investment Committee (PIC) will be stepping down from his role effective 31 December 2016.

Ross has been heavily involved in infrastructure investing in Australia since the late 1990s and showed great faith in Palisade in its formative years. He has since worked closely with Palisade and its Investment Committee, initially as an observer, and later as an Independent Member.

Since joining the PIC, Ross has been an integral part of our investment decision-making process, and together we have strived to adopt best practice. Ross has performed his role with the utmost integrity and diligence, and has been a staunch representative of our clients’ interests. Over the years, Ross has also been an advocate of Palisade’s strong sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Palisade’s relationship with Ross now extends more than eight years, over which time the business has grown to over $2.3 billion in FUM and commitments, with investments in 17 assets, delivering returns for our clients between 12% p.a. and 17% p.a. over the past 5 years.

The PIC has significantly expanded, with the addition of three Independent Members. In addition to original members Ian Mitchell, as Chairman, Ian Macoun, MD of Pinnacle Investment Group and David Howell, Independent, we have engaged John Hughes, David Bennett and most recently Steve MacDonald. This majority independent PIC provides investors with a robust investment decision-making framework.

Palisade would like to acknowledge and thank Ross for his significant contribution to our business, and wish him all the best for the future.