Palisade launches Regional Women’s Undergraduate Scholarship Program

October 2019.

As part of our continued focus on diversity, Palisade is pleased to announce it has launched a Regional Women’s Undergraduate Scholarship Program. This initiative promotes a pathway for women to study and be employed in traditionally male-dominated careers, such as engineering and agriculture. Led by Palisade’s operational management services team, a scholarship program has been established for regional women, who are looking to complete a degree in one of these disciplines.

Up to 10 scholarships will be offered across six universities throughout Australia, commencing in 2020. Each scholarship will provide one student with up to $7,000 per annum for the duration of their 4-year degree. The program will also include the opportunity for each scholarship recipient to undertake work experience at a locally based Palisade asset.

For further information please contact:

Roger Lloyd
Managing Director & CEO
Palisade Investment Partners
Ph: +61 2 8970 7801