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Palisade's Renewable Energy Fund

Palisade’s Renewable Energy Fund comprises two unlisted unit trusts – Palisade’s Renewable Energy Fund 1 (PREF1) and Palisade’s Renewable Energy Fund 2 (PREF2).

Pinnacle Fund Services Limited is the trustee of PREF1 and Pinnacle RE Services Limited is the trustee of PREF2.  Palisade is the investment manager for each of PREF1 and PREF2 under an investment management agreement with each trustee.

Palisade’s Renewable Energy Fund (PREF) was established in 2016.

PREF invests in a variety of renewable energy projects throughout Australia. PREF invests in projects from greenfield (late-stage development phase) through to brownfield operating assets.

An investment in PREF provides investors with exposure to a significant renewable energy portfolio, diversified by technology, geography, offtaker credit risk and maturity. PREF aims to provide investors with long term capital growth and stable cash distributions.

The PREF portfolio currently includes exposure to the following assets:

  • Waterloo Wind Farm (Stages 1 and 2)
  • Hallett 1 Wind Farm
  • Ross River Solar Farm
  • Granville Harbour Wind Farm
  • Snowtown 2 Wind Farm
  • Macarthur Wind Farm