The Palisade Diversified Infrastructure Fund (PDIF) invests in infrastructure assets principally in Australia, although it has an ability to invest up to 20% globally. Portfolio risk is minimised through construction of a portfolio of assets diversified by sector, geography and maturity. PDIF aims to provide investors with long term capital growth and stable cash distributions.

Investment in PDIF provides the investor with exposure to all of the infrastructure sectors which Palisade targets. PDIF is truly diversified and includes investment providing a wide range of essential services and facilities that are fundamental to daily life and vital to the Australian economy including:

  • Transport (air and sea)
  • Energy (thermal and renewable energy generation and transmission)
  • Utilities (waste)
  • Agri (livestock exchanges)
  • Social (defence, justice and transport)

PDIF was originally established in 2004 under the management of another firm. Palisade acquired management rights to the fund in 2008 and the portfolio has expanded to include interests in the following assets:

  • Airport Development Group (NT Airports)
  • Sunshine Coast Airport
  • ANZ Terminals
  • Hallett Wind Farm
  • Waterloo Wind Farm
  • Merredin Energy
  • Tasmanian Gas Pipeline
  • North Queensland Gas Pipeline
  • Port of Portland
  • Gold Coast Rapid Transit
  • Casey Hospital
  • South Australian Police and Courts
  • LEAP 1
  • LEAP 2
  • Biosciences Research Centre
  • Sydney Metro Northwest
  • Regional Livestock Exchanges
  • Global Renewables
  • Gold Coast University Hospital and Private Hospital Car Parks
  • Ross River Solar Farm
  • Granville Harbour Wind Farm