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Palisade Impact

Palisade Impact was established in 2021 and is focused on unlisted investments that intentionally target solutions to environmental and social challenges while delivering strong risk-adjusted returns.  Palisade Impact provides practical solutions to these issues, by investing in next generation infrastructure and infrastructure-like assets and businesses that provide essential services, supporting the future economy.

Palisade Impact takes a cross-sector approach to driving the race to zero: zero emissions, zero waste and zero inequality.  These themes, together with changing technology and policy, provide a large opportunity to invest in a greener, smarter, more equitable, connected infrastructure of the future.

Palisade Impact is majority owned by the executive team, with 2% of the profits of the manager also being paid to a charitable foundation and a leading impact industry body, enabling dedicated funding to go towards charitable causes, advocacy and the growth of the impact industry.

The platform builds on Palisade’s strong ESG capabilities and its target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.  It also leverages Palisade’s active management and development expertise in the waste management, digital infrastructure and renewable energy industries.