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Individually Managed Accounts

An IMA provides the investor with the ability to tailor a portfolio of infrastructure assets that meets their individual risk and return objectives.

  • Assets selected in accordance with agreed strategy
  • Veto rights ensure control over the direction of the portfolio
  • Governance model adopted to monitor continued satisfaction of objectives
  • Including Palisade representation in governance of assets
  • Financial alignment between Investor and investment manager
  • Fees based on amount invested not asset values
  • Performance fees linked to generation of distributable income
  • Portfolio construction is specifically tailored to enable asset selection with reference to overall portfolio objectives
  • Developed under Palisade’s portfolio construction and risk management framework

Under existing IMAs managed by Palisade, investors have included the following assets in their portfolios:

  • Merredin Energy
  • Sunshine Coast Airport
  • Tasmanian Gas Pipeline
  • North Queensland Gas Pipeline
  • Port of Portland
  • Waterloo Windfarm
  • Gold Coast Rapid Transit
  • Sydney Metro Northwest
  • Casey Hospital
  • South Australian Police and Courts
  • LEAP 1
  • LEAP 2
  • Biosciences Research Centre
  • Regional Livestock Exchanges
  • Global Renewables
  • Newcastle Mater Hospital
  • ANZ Terminals
  • Gold Coast University Hospital and Private Hospital Car Parks
  • Granville Harbour Wind Farm