Palisade's Australian Social Infrastructure Fund

The Palisade Australian Social Infrastructure Fund (PASIF) invests in Australian social infrastructure assets delivered under a PPP model. Government ‘availability payments’ account for the majority of project revenues, where government accepts or manages demand or utilisation levels for the facilities.

Social infrastructure assets typically offer long term, low volatility and inflation-linked income streams with little or no correlation to economic cycles. These characteristics mirror the objectives of the fund, which are to offer long term, low volatility, inflation linked distributions to investors.

Palisade has entered into a strategic alliance with the Plenary Group which gives PASIF access to all future projects of Plenary Group, Australia’s leading originator of social infrastructure projects. Additionally, a tripartite alliance with Quebec’s La Caisse provides a strong co-investment partner for Palisade and an established governance regime for all assets in which the parties co-invest.

The Fund was established in early 2011 and holds an interest in the following assets:

  • Gold Coast Rapid Transit
  • Casey Hospital
  • South Australian Police and Courts
  • LEAP 1
  • LEAP 2
  • Biosciences Research Centre
  • Sydney Metro Northwest