Palisade’s multi-disciplinary investment team brings the skills required for investment in, delivery and ongoing management of infrastructure assets.

Palisade’s team draws experience from wide career backgrounds including banking, funds management, investment banking, finance, legal and engineering, all necessary for a comprehensive understanding of the assets in which we invest.

Palisade’s investment committee provides robust governance over the investment process. Each committee member has very significant experience in infrastructure investing. Four independent members, coupled with a requirement for unanimous approval, results in a very rigorous approach to decision-making.

Lindsay Ward

CEO Palisade Integrated Management Services

John Delicato

General Manager, Power & Pipelines

Steve Brown

General Manager, Renewables

Danny Agnoletto

Chief Financial Officer

Wacek Lipski

Engineering Manager

Antony Beard

Senior Asset Engineer, Electrical

Ben Richmond

Senior Engineer

William Walshe

Financial Controller

Scott Cameron

Finance Manager

Darren Giri

Commercial Manager

Gyorgyi Danka

Asset Engineer, Renewables

Dale Waterson

Asset Manager

Hannah Willson

Operations Manager, South Australia

Elias Bozoglou

Business Analyst

Dylan Pham

Business Systems Analyst

Ian Mitchell

Chairman, Palisade Advisory Board; Chairman, Palisade Investment Committee

Ian Macoun

Non-Executive Director, Palisade Investment Partners; Chairman and Managing Director, Pinnacle Investment Management; Member, Palisade Investment Committee

John Hughes

Independent Member, Palisade Investment Committee

Dr David Howell

Independent Member, Palisade Investment Committee

Hon. Mark Vaile AO

Member, Palisade Advisory Board; Chairman, Palisade Investor Advisory Group; Chairman, Palisade’s Regional Infrastructure Fund

Chum Darvall AM

Member, Palisade Advisory Board

Roger Lloyd

Managing Director & CEO

Vicki Rigg

Executive Director

Andrew Killesteyn

Investment Specialist

Alastair Pollock

Investment Director

James Hann

Investment Director

James Ward

Investment Director

Karen Gould

Investment Director

Mike Reynolds

Investment Director

Simon Parbery

Investment Director

Ben Malone

General Counsel

Vipul Luthra

Financial Controller

Ben Sweeney

Investment Manager

Douglas Park

Investment Manager

Kelvin Wong

Investment Manager

Will Clarke

Operations Manager

Vilija Robinson

Investment Associate

Rui Ling

Investment Associate

Robert Foulkes

Investment Associate

Cheryl Mew

Investment Operations Analyst

David Bennett

Independent Member, Palisade Investment Committee

Steve MacDonald

Independent Member, Palisade Investment Committee